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Aqaia is the new name for Tecdencies, the software engineering company that provides solutions solid as a rock.


Aqaia is a software engineering company with over 8 years of experience, specialized in developing custom software solutions based on SharePoint, Mobility and .NET.

Solid and integrated solutions

Once the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint have all been squeezed out, either as internal portal, document management or team work tool, our customers are in the need to adapt its behaviour to their own business.

Custom solutions

Often the needs of a company are so unique that SharePoint is unable to offer a solution by itself. Our experts are able to create custom functionality to meet your business needs.


We are constantly looking for partners and technologies to allow us to accelerate the implementation of the solutions that our customers require. The latest addition to our solutions portfolio is K2, a software platform for creating applications with forms, workflows, data and reports, to automate business processes.

Universal access

If you cannot find the application generator that will make your application, it is because you need a real App. At Aqaia we make custom apps, multi-device, multi-system, focusomg on the robustness and on squeezing the device to the maximum level.


Xamarin is based on .NET. It is the best way to design, develop, integrate and test apps in more than 2.6 billion devices.


It is not just the latest version of the HTML Standard. HTML5 is also a new way to build applications for the Web and mobile devices.

In pursuit of perfection

It's not only .NET. It's what can be done using the best components. At Aqaia we look for the best components to build your .NET application following engineering principles and creating solid solutions.

DNN Evoq™ Content

For more than 10 years we have been working with the previous DotNetNuke® Professional Edition is a Content Management System (CMS) that helps create charming websites containing attractive interactions. CMS users can add and edit content using a standard browser without IT support.

The eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

We have over 5 years of experience in this modern and flexible application framework, which allows creating powerful line-of-business applications aimed simultaneously to Windows and to the Web. The modular design of XAF provides a plug and play approach to common business requirements such as security and reporting.


Using expert products and proven technologies, we help organization to lead their IT.

Some of the projects we have done are:


Fila 12. Image of a hand with some tickets

Fila 12

Development of a ticket management plaform. Design and construction of the online portal fila12.cat.


Netmind International. Image of Netmind logo and Netmind offices

Netmind International

Web site for viewing and buying courses for Netmind International.


Pastorets de Catalunya. Image of the graphic design and multimedia for the 2014-1015 campaign

Coordinadora de Pastorets de Catalunya

Corporate web page. Graphic design and multimedia for the 2014-2015 campaign.


Netgolfer. Image with company logo and a golf course with a golf ball


Corporate Web site with a private area with the result of the training sessions.

Sama Group

Sama Group. Image with company logo on a road

Sama Group

Order management system of transport requests in store synchronized with the corporate ERP.

Calculadores INSHT

Calculadores INSHT. Image of the calculators icons and a screenshot

Calculadores INSHT

Tool for helping on calculations of different risk prevention disciplines.

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Phone: +34 938 066 469 | E-mail: info@aqaia.com

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